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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

TM Unifi Internet service leaves much to be desired

I STARTED subscribing to the Unifi internet service offered by TM Bhd, in June 2010.

Since the day my subscription commenced until the time of this letter, I have faced numerous and repeated problems with the Hypp TV and broadband Internet connection.

The Hypp TV reception eaves much to be desired as the picture quality is bad with frequent interruptions with “boxed” images.

As for the Internet connection, although I have subscribed for the 5MB package, the maximum I have experienced so far is only up to 3.9MB.

The wireless modem provided is of inferior quality and breaks down easily.

After changing to a new modem, the broadband speed decreased to 1MB or less.

I must admit that I received good response on my complaints to the service provider and they were very courteous too.

With the frequent interference, I felt shortchanged because I am still billed for the service at RM149 per month whereas the service provided was far inferior to my previous Streamyx connection, where I’m only required to pay RM66 per month.

I feel that until TM stabilises their Unifi service quality, clients who face such problems should be given rebates.

Petaling Jaya.