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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

News of the World, Murdoch hacking scandals: 'Shocked, appalled and ashamed', attacked!

'Shocked, appalled and ashamed': quotes from Murdoch hacking hearing 

Rupert Murdoch ... the most humble day of his life. Rupert Murdoch ... the most humble day of his life. Photo: Reuters

Selected quotes from the Murdochs' appearance at the parliamentary inquiry into media phone hacking, which produced reactions ranging from table-banging, to abject apology, to staunch denial of any knowledge of wrongdoing.

- "I just want to say one sentence. This is the most humble day of my life." - Rupert Murdoch's opening remarks.

- "No." - Rupert Murdoch's remark when asked by Labour MP Jim Sheridan if he accepted that "ultimately you are responsible for this whole fiasco".

- "The people that I trusted to run it [his media empire] and then maybe the people they trusted." - Rupert Murdoch when asked who he blamed.

- "We felt ashamed at what happened. We had broken our trust with our readers." - Rupert Murdoch explains why the News of the World tabloid was shut down after 168 years.

- "We have seen no evidence of that at all and as far as we know the FBI haven't either." - Murdoch on allegations the paper hacked 9/11 victims.

- "I would like to say just how sorry I am and how sorry we are, to particularly the victims of illegal voicemail interceptions, and to their families." - James Murdoch's opening statement.

- "The News of the World is less than 1 per cent of our company. I employ 53,000 people around the world who are proud and great and ethical and distinguished people, professionals in their work. I'm spread watching and appointing people whom I trust to run those divisions." - Rupert Murdoch on his empire.

- "Endemic is a very hard, a very wide ranging word. I also have to be very careful not to prejudice the course of justice that is taking place now." - Rupert Murdoch in answer to Labour Party lawmaker Tom Watson, who asked Murdoch when he became aware that criminality was "endemic" at the News of the World.

- "I was absolutely shocked, appalled and ashamed when I heard about the Milly Dowler case only two weeks ago." - Rupert Murdoch on allegations that the News of the World hacked into the murdered teenager's phone.

"I was invited within days [of the general election in May last year] to have a cup of tea to be thanked for the support by Mr Cameron. No other conversation took place." - Rupert Murdoch revealing that he had been invited to have a cup of tea with Prime Minister David Cameron within days of the election that brought Cameron to power at the head of a coalition government.

- "There are no immediate plans for that." - James Murdoch, saying no plans were afoot for News International, the British newspaper wing of News Corp, to launch a new Sunday tabloid to replace the News of the World.

- "Because I believed her and I trusted her and I do trust her. In the event she just insisted. She was at a point of extreme anguish." - Rupert Murdoch when asked why he did not accept former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks's original offer to resign before she finally quit last Friday.

- "They caught us with dirty hands." - Rupert Murdoch on opposition within the media industry to his abandoned BSkyB bid.

- "Your wife has a very good left hook [sic]." - British Labour MP Tom Watson after protester and comedian Jonnie Marbles pelted Rupert Murdoch with foam and his wife Wendi hit back.

- "You naughty billionaire." - Jonnie Marbles after the attack.

Rupert Murdoch was attacked with what appears to be a pie during a hearing before members of Parliament. The videotape appears to show a protester heading toward Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch's wife, Wendi Deng, then lunged at the protester.

  - "As Mr Murdoch himself said, I'm afraid I cannot comment on an ongoing police investigation." - Jonnie Marbles to reporters later.

- "Once that trust was broken, we felt that that was the right decision. Of course, it wasn't the right decision for the hundreds of journalists who worked on there, had done nothing wrong, were in no way responsible. Every single one of them [the journalists] will be offered a job." - Rebekah Brooks on the decision to close the News of the World.

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