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Monday, 1 December 2014

Regulating energy flow of a house with Vasthu Sastra principles

Cuts or voids in certain quadrants of a property can have negative effects on occupants.

CUTS on a piece of land or on the physical structure of a property can distort the flow of subtle energy, thereby affecting the wellbeing of the occupants of that space.

This is highlighted in Vasthu Sastra, the ancient science of architecture, which urges practitioners to build, design and renovate houses and buildings to be in harmony with their surroundings.

At my talk during The Star Property Fair at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre last Sunday, issues related to irregular shapes of land and buildings dominated questions at my presentation on Vasthu Sastra and pyramids.

Members of the audience were seeking answers as to why they were facing challenges after moving into properties that were not square or rectangular in shape.

The space we occupy, whether permanent or temporary, is actually a representation of a miniature Earth and we must be in harmony with the energies that govern the space to enjoy favourable health, peace, happiness and prosperity.

According to Vasthu principles, the eight compass directions of each property are governed by a planet that has specific influences on the occupants’ health, mood and welfare.

What is vital here is to prevent defects like cuts and extensions in these quadrants because the outcome will be adverse.

The north is ruled by Jupiter and if a property has a void in this quadrant, the occupants will not enjoy good fortune, incurring more expenditure than they receive income.

This is because the powerful planet is associated with prosperity, foreign travel and merrymaking.

North-east is associated with Mercury, which controls the education, spirituality, communication and growth of any individual. A defect in this sacred sector will hinder growth and success.

East is ruled by Venus and disruptions here will impede the dwellers’ beauty, comfort and affection towards people.
1. Vasthu Master Yuvaraj Sowma (right) performing a Vasthu yantra ceremony to correct the irregular shape of a plot of land.
2.Vasthu Master Yuvaraj Sowma (right) performing a Vasthu yantra ceremony to correct the irregular shape of a plot of land. Vasthu Master Yuvaraj Sowma (right) performing a Vasthu yantra ceremony to correct the irregular shape of a plot of land.

Master Yuvaraj placing a Vasthu yantra on one of the eight corners of a piece of land to correct defective energy flow.

South-east is associated with the Moon which is linked with mood and emotions, and any shortcomings in this sector will result in the occupants having a disturbed character and difficulty in getting along with people.

South is ruled by the aggressive planet Mars and its characteristics are related to the muscular system. Faults in this quadrant can lead to occupants experiencing hypertension and longevity issues.

South-west, a powerful quadrant in Vasthu for married couples, is associated with relationships and is influenced by the celestial planet Rahu (dragon head).

A cut in this area will disrupt the conjugal relationship and passionate impulse that should be enjoyed by the husband and wife.

West is controlled by Saturn and a missing quadrant here will result in the dwellers experiencing financial hardship, and an increased likelihood of bone and bladder problems.

Kethu (dragon head) is responsible for liberation and any imperfection in the north-west sector will upset wisdom and give rise to respiratory problems.

According to my 7th generation Vasthu master Yuvaraj Sowma, the defects can be corrected by acquiring the missing space or realigning the land or structure to make them a perfect shape.

People should be careful when acquiring a property and should avoid irregular-shaped properties because it can sometimes be challenging to bring them into a rectangular or square shape.

For land and buildings that cannot be corrected physically, master Yuvaraj suggested the use of the ancient Vasthu yantra remedy which involves the placement of eight mystical silver diagrams in the eight corners of the property.

The sacred object has the power to negate the inauspicious effects of Vasthu faults in a property.

The rectification ceremony is to appease the planets with the vibrations of the energised objects that have similar qualities to chanted mantras – that is, to restore balance to the energy of a location.

This can be done before construction of the property to correct the irregular land shape, or after occupants have moved in to rectify the structural defects in the respective corners.

Its purpose, says master Yuvaraj, is to regulate the positive vibrations in the living space by Vasthu yantra, which are buried under the soil.

Vasthu yantra have the power to regulate the positive vibrations in a living space by overcoming malefic effects, thereby giving the residents peace, happiness, good health, improved fortune and spiritual development.

TSelvaT. Selva is the author of the Vasthu Sastra Guide and the first disciple of 7th generation Vasthu Sastra master YuvaViewpoints -Ancient Secrets by T. Selva

Vasthu Sastra talks

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