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Monday, 18 April 2011

When in trouble, tap family power

I REFER to “Ruthless Ah Long ‘hunting down’ families of defaulters” (The Star, Apr 13). My sympathies to the victim harassed by the Ah Long. She’s already 65 years old and still trying to earn a living selling vegetables.

Her adopted daughter owed the Ah Long around RM100,000. We have all heard how ruthless the Ah Long can be.

I remember the police ran a “Say No to Ah Long” campaign not long ago.

The various municipal councils have also acted by taking down illegal advertising banners and posters put up by Ah Long.

MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong has warned the public many times. I sincerely hope one will think thrice before taking a loan from an Ah Long.

During bad times like the current economic meltdown, financial difficulties arise and affect many.

It’s time to go home. Never underestimate the power of home. As one opens the home door, gradually one can see and feel the power of family.

One’s family members are pillars of support and strength. Family bonds cannot be broken. It runs in our blood forever from generation to generation.

Discuss things with them. Be open. Don’t keep them in the dark. They may be able to help.

Let’s go down the family tree. We see immediate and close relatives. They, too, may be able to assist. Another avenue will be approaching close friends.

Pride, ego and face are not important. Financial problem solving is.

One should never think negatively, that one will lose face or will be looked down on if one needs to borrow money from family members, close relatives and close friends.

Just be grateful if they are willing to help. It’s a crucial option.

One should never take the risk of borrowing from Ah Longs. What if one fails to pay? One can hide forever but what about one’s loved ones?

I recall the song You Are Not Alone. More heads are better than one. Being alone invites hopelessness and helplessness.